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IV C Ms. Shikha Bhutani


Ev.S.- Revise L-10 and draw the di9agram given on pg 49.

Maths -Do Q -1,2 of Ex -7.5 in book and Q-3 in P.c


Maths - Do Q 2,3 of Ex - 7.4 in PC.

Ev.S. - Revise CW.

Eng. - Bring worksheet tomorrow.

Books - Hindi Gr., Eng. Gr., Computer book and nbk

Note - Bring Ev.S. Winter HHW tomorrow.


Ev.S -Read L-10 and revise L-9.

Hindi - Read L-15

Maths - Do Q 1,2 of Ex.-7.2 in P.c 

Books- Eng.GR.,Hindi,Ev.S.


Hindi -Do back ex. of L-briefcase

Maths -Do Q 3 and 4 of Ex-7.1

Eng.- Do back ex.Of L-True Spirits of Sports

Ev.S. - Draw Diagram OF L- Movements of Earth.


Hindi-Do pg 102.story writing in C.R

Ev.S.- Read L-9

Books- Eng C.B,Computer book andnotebook,Hindi C.B,SCi.KIt material


Dear Parents

Tomorrow is P.T.M. KIndly come according to your time slot.

Timings -9.00a.m -12.00 noon


Ev.S.- Draw or paste the pictures of different types of houses in notebook.Revise L-13.

Hindi -Learn muhavare (1-!0 )L-13 from book.

Books -G.K.,Eng Gr.,Hindi Gr.,Ev.S.


Ev.S.-Read L-7 and do pg -37.

Maths -Do Q -1 and3 ofex-12.2 in p.c.

Hindi gr.-Do Q -4 pg 60.in book.

Books -dew drops,Hindi Gr.,Eng.Gr.


Maths - Revise Ex.- 12.1

Hindi -Revise same as C.W.

Eng Gr.- Do pg 72 and 73 in Gr.book.

Books-  Ev.s,Hindi Gr.,Eng Gr.


Eng- Read the introduction of conjunction from book.
Hindi- Revise vismyadibodhak from book
Evs- Read L-7.
Books- Evs, Hindi gr, Eng gr 


Ev.S. - Read L-7
Hindi Gr. - Revise same as C.w..
Maths - Do Q 1 of Ex- 12.1 in pc
Books - Eng. , Ev.S, Hindi Gr.


Ev.S.-Bring wind power crane (sci.kit)material

Hindi -Do Q 4 pg 65

books - Dew drops,pc,Hindi

Eng. - Read L-8. Also make a beautiful kite and paste it in nbk.gr.
Ev.S. - Read L- 13.
Books - Ev.S., Hindi,gr. 
Note - Bring 6-7 pictures of Japanese Dolls (Kokeshi Dolls), Activity File, Fevicol on Friday. Also collect information about them such as...name and it is made up of ...



Hindi CB  - Do pg 87

Eng - DO PG -103,104

Maths -Do Q -1 of Ex-8.4 in book.

Books - Eng CB , EvS. , 

Eng. - Read L-8.
Hindi - Read L-12
Ev.S - Revise CW and make Compost Bin (Refer pg 60) at home.
Books - Eng., Hindi, Ev.S.


Ev.S.- Read pg 58 and 59

MATHS -Pastecl.revision andcomplete it.

 eng - Revise syllabus of U.T

Books- Ev.S .,Hindi

Hindi - Revise UT 2 Syllabus and complete the revision sheet in n.book.
Books - Eng. Gr., Ev.S., Hindi Gr.
Note - See Hindi & English Practice Sheet 2 on site or ERP.



Eng. Gr. - Read pgs 66,69.
Hindi - Revise UT 2 Syllabus.
Ev.S. - Read L- 12.
Books - Eng. Gr., Ev.S.
Note - See English Practice Sheet 1,maths and Hindi Revision Sheet on site 


Ev.s.- paste practice sheet and do Q 3,5 in notebook.

Hindi Gr. Do Q -5 Pg -93 in Cr. notebook and revise informal letter for cl.test.

Books-Eng Gr.,Hindi Gr. Dewdrops

Ev.S. Revise L- 8,11 and 19 for test.
Maths - Do remaining parts of Ex - 8.2 in PC.
Eng. Gr. - Do pg81.
Hindi Gr. - Do Khel-Khel me given on pg 69and82.
Books - Eng. Gr., Hindi Gr.

Hindi - Revise CW. Also do Q 1 given on pgs 93,in C.R n,book.
Ev.S. - Read L-12 and revise L-8 and11 for revision.
Maths - Do Ex-8.1 in book
Note - See UnitTest 2 Syllabus and Datesheet on site.
Books - Eng. Gr., Hindi Gr., Ev.S., CR Nbk


EV.S.-Revise L-11

Maths -Revise L-11 and 6

Hindi - write a paragraph on Diwali in CR NB.

Books - Eng CB , Evs, Hindi Gr.

Eng. - Read poem given on pg 91. Also do pg 88.
Hindi - Do the activity Khel-Khel me given on pg 22 and bring it on Monday.
Ev.S. - Revise L- 8 & 11 for test.
Books - Eng., hindi.

Dear Parent 
The school will remain closed on Saturday i.e. 3.11.18 on account of MUN Event in the school premises on large scale.


Eng - Read L- 91

Ev.S-  Read pg 56 n paste nespaper article.

Hindi - Read L-2

Books- Ev.S,Eng,Lifeskill


Eng. - Read L-7.
Hindi - Read L-2 and do word meaning in notebook.
Ev.S- Eevise C.W
Books - Hindi ,Ev.S,Maths


Maths - Do Lets race CH-11 IN BOOK.
Eng. - Kindly take printout and solve Practice Sheet of Adverbs.paste it in notebook
Ev.S - Read pg-54
g.k- dO L-36,38
Books - Eng., Hindi Gr., Ev.S.

Note - Green Olympiad is on 31.10.18. Registered students will get their roll nos. tomorrow.


Ev.S- Revise L-19 for test.

Maths - Do Q - 1,2of Ex-11.2 in book

Books- Lifeskill,G.K,Rangmunch


Ev.S- Read l-11

Maths -Paste leaf.Do given activity in Notebook.

         Do Q -1Of Ex-11.2 in book

Books- Maths,Ev.S,Hindi

Ev.S. - Revise L-19.
Eng. Gr. - Revise Adverbs.
Hindi - Read L-11 and do pg 81.
Dew Drops - Read L-3.

Books - Eng Gr., Ev.S., Maths

22.10.18 .

Eng Gr - Read pages 53 and 54.

Hindi - Read L-11.

Maths - Do  Q  B.Back ex.Of L8

Books - Eng gr , Evs,Hindi Cb


Maths - Prepare Unit - 6 for test.
Eng. Gr. - Revise Adverbs.
Eng.- Revise L-6.
Hindi Gr. - Revise Genders and Numbers.
Ev.S. - Revise L-19.
Books - Eng. Gr., Ev.S.


. PTM tomorrow.Please come according to your time slot
Roll No.             Time slot
 1 to 10             09:00am - 09:30am
11 to 20            09:30am - 10:00am
21 to 30            10:00am - 10:45am
31 to 41            10:45am - 11:30am


Maths - Do Q3  of ex 6.2 in PC 

Evs - Revise L- 1

Books - Eng CB , Hindi Gr , Ev.S,Maths   


Ev.S-Read l-19

Hindi Gr.-Do Q -6 pg-25 in book.

Note- All papers has been given .Kindly sign it and send it back.

Evs-Revise CW also paste the pictures related to it.
Maths-Do Q2 of Ex 6.2 in PC.
Hindi-Do Q -g of page 75 in CR notebook.

Eng.Do word meaning of L- 6 and do pg 70 -73
Maths -Revise same as C.W(pg-101,102)
Ev.S.-Read L-19 .
Books - Eng., lifeskill, Maths PC,Rangmanch story book
Note - Bring a table mat, spoon and handkerchief daily.

Eng. - Read L- 6.
Maths -  
Do Q-6,10,11,12 of Ex-6.1 in P.C 

Ev.S. - Do the given work in nbk.
Books - Eng., Hindi, Ev.S.

Ev.S. - Read L-17.
Hindi - Read L- 10 and draw Cover page.
Maths - Do Q-1,2,3 of Ex-6.1 in P.C
books - Eng., Hindi, Ev.S.
Note - Bring 3-4 ice cream sticks tomorrow.


Revise the syllabus.

Note - 1. Bring Almanac on Exam days.

2. Dispersal will be at 10:30. Onfooters will disperse at 10:45.

3. Monday will be preparatory leave.


Ev.S-Revise syllabus.

Eng -Check the worksheet on schoolsite.


Ev.S.- Revise syllabus.

Hindi - Revise vigyapan and letter.

Maths - Draw circle of radius of a) 3 c.m b) 4c.m.

Books - Eng. Gr, test notebook

Note - Bring a rectangular cut out for bookmark tomorrow.


Ev.S.-ReviseMap and bring Physical map of India

G.K.-Revise syllabus

Books-test notebook


Ev.S- Revise L-16

Maths -Revise Ch-5

Hindi- Rvise L- 7and8

Books- Hindi Gr.,Eng Gr.,P.C

Ev.S. - Revise L- 14, 15 for test.
Maths - Prepare Multiplication for revision.
Eng. - Revise L-4 and Verbs.
Hindi gr. - Revise Pronouns and L-6
Books - Hindi Gr., Dew Drops, Computer book and nbk


Eng. Gr. - Compose a poem using verbs on A4 sizesheet
Hindi Gr. - Revise pronouns
Ev.S. - Revise L-1 4  for test.
Maths -Revise  ch-3 
Books - Hindi Gr., Comp

Ev.S- ReviseL4 for cl.test
Maths Do Q 4 and 5 of Ex -9.2 
Hindi Gr- Do pg 42
Books-Maths,Hindi Gr,Eng.Gr.

Eng Gr.-Do pg 35-37
Ev.S- Do practise of Map work.Complete C.W.
Maths- Complete EX-9.1 in book
Hindi -REvise same as C.W
books-Eng Gr.,Hindi Gr.,Maths,Comp,

Hindi Gr. -Do pg 40 Q-1,2,3 in book.
Comp.-Revise L-2 and 9 for test on Monday.
Ev.S.- Revise C.W also revise L-4 for test on Wednesday.
Books- Ev.S,Maths , Comp.,Physical map 

Hindi -Revise verbs
Ev.S. - Read L-18. Also bring 2 blank Political maps of India.
Books - Eng.Gr., Hindi Gr.,comp.,G.K

Ev.S.- Revise states and capital.
Eng. - Revise L- 4 for test .
Maths - Revise Ex- 5.1 - 5.5.
Books - .Eng MCB., Comp

Maths - Do Ex.- 5.6 in PC.
Eng. - Do pg 62 and 63.
Computer - Revise L-14,15,16 for test tomorrow.
Books - Dew Drops, Eng. MCB.,  Hindi Story Book (Ragmanch Ki Kahanayia) and Gr.
Note - Cut & paste the articles  related to NASA given on pages 1 & 3 of HT .

Evs - Read L-18.
Maths - Do Ex-5.5 in book
Hindi gr - Do pg 45
Books - Eng gr , Evs.,Hindi Gr.


Ev.S- Draw outline of map of India and revise L-14,15 16 for cl.test.
Maths - Do remaining sums of Ex-5.4
Hindi - Do pg 62.
Books -Eng Gr.,Ev.S,Drawing ,Hindi Gr.

Hindi - Read Poem L- 9 and do back Ex.
Maths- Do Ex.-5.3 in P.C.
Comp- Revise L-2
Books- Ev.s.,Hindi Gr.

Ev.S.- Read L-17 
Eng.GR. -Do pg 62
Hindi C.R -write paragraph on rakshabandhan.
Comp.-Revise L-2
Books- Ev.S.,ENG GR.

Maths - Do remaining parts of Q 2 of ex 5.1 in PC.
Eng gr - Do pg 60 and revise cw.
Evs - Do pg 75 in book. 
Books - Eng gr , Hindi CB and Evs

Hindi - Read L-8
Eng. Gr.- Do pg -61 and 62
Ev.S. -Read L-16
Maths -Do Q -1 of Ex.-5.1 in P.C and Revise Ch- 4for cl.test.
Note- Check semester -1 syllabus on school site.
2. Thali Decoration Activity on Thursday. Bring a small  sized thermocol plate, red printed paper, Swastik, fevicol and decorative material for it.

Ev.S.- Revise L-6 for cl.test on Monday.Paste photographs related to C.W. in notebook.
Maths- Do Q -  1,2,4,6 of Let's Race pgs- 72,73 in P.C.
Books-  Ev.S, Eng .Gr.,Hindi C.B. 

Ev.S. - Read L-16.
Hindi Gr. - Do Q 6 given on pgs 35,36.
Maths - Do g,h part of Q1 of Ex.- 4.4 in PC.
Books - Hindi GR., Ev.S., Eng. CB, Art book, file, Computer Nbk

Ev.S.-Read L-15 and revise L-6for test on Saturday.
 Maths -Do Que 1 b,c Ex .-4.4 in P.C
 Hindi Gr. Read L -5
 Books- Hindi Gr.

Hindi Gr. - Do pg 93 Q-3 in CR notebook.
Maths -Do Q 3 and 4 remaining parts of Ex .-4.3
Ev.S.-Read L-15 and do pg -71.Revise L-6 from book.
Note- Cycle Test 1 papers have been given.Kindly sign  and send them on Monday. 
Books - Hindi Gr., Ev.S. & Eng 

Maths - Learn Tables 12 to 16.
Ev.S. - Read L-15.
Hindi Gr. - Do pg 93 Q-4 in book.
Books - Hindi Gr., Ev.S. & Eng 

Maths - Do remaining parts of Q 1 AND 2 of Ex 4. 3 in PC.
Hindi - Do the given Question in notebook and paste any vigyapan.
Ev.S -Read pg -68
Books - Evs ,Eng and Hindi Gr.

Maths - Do remaining parts of Q  1 and2 of Ex.- 4.2 in PC.
Hindi -Do Q kha and ga given on pg 54 and 55 in book.
Ev.S.-Do Q B,C given on pg-67
Books - Ev.S., Hindi C.B

G.K-Do pg -28and 30.
Dew Drops- Do pg 21 and22
Hindi - Write a paragraph on My Best Friend in CR Nbk.
Books - Eng.,  Ev.S. 

Maths - Do remaining parts of Q 3 of Ex.- 4.1 in PC.
Eng. - Make aposter on staying healthy.
Hindi - Read L-7.
Books -  Hindi, Dew Drops,G.K
Note - Bring a colored sheet, Colored pens, decoration material for Card Making Activity tomorrow.

Eng. Gr. - Do Q B given on pg 31.
Ev.S. - Read L-14.
Books - Hindi CB and Ev.S.

Maths - Do Q 1 of Ex- 4.1 in book .
Eng. Gr. - Do pg -29
Ev.s.-Revise C.w. and do the given activity.
Books - Hindi, Eng Gr.,G.K

Eng gr.- Do Pg 26 and 25 in book.
Hindi- Read pg 49-51.
Evs-  revise c.w
Books- Eng(gr), Evs, Hindi

Maths - Do practice of Unit-14 for revision tomorrow.
Ev.S. - Do Q B given on pg 32.
Books - Eng. Gr., Hindi, Ev.S.
Note -1. Paste the the article "Kargil Vijay Diwas" given on pg 5 of HT in Ev.S. nbk
           Time Slot
Working parents                      8:00am to 9:00am
Roll no. 1-10                             8:30am to 9:45am
Roll no.11-20                            9:45am to 10:30am        
Roll no.21-30                            10:30am to 11:15am
Roll no.31-45                            11:15am to 12:00pm
You all are requested to adhere to the given time slots to meet the class-teacher for the healthy discussion and smooth functioning.

Ev.S.-Read pg - 28,29 and paste different typesof clothes.
Maths - Do Ex- 3.5 in book and revise Ex- 1.1 to 1.3
Hindi - Drawcover page of L-6
 Books - Ev.S,Eng C.B, Hindi C.B

Maths- Do Q-2 of Ex-3.4 in P.c
Hindi - Read L- 6
books -Ev.S.,Hindi andEnglish    

Hindi - UT on Monday. Prepare for it.
Books - Eng, Ev.S. and Computer 

Maths- Do remaining parts of Q1 of Ex 3.4 in PC. 
Books - Maths PC ,C.R,Lifeskill .
Note - Bring Gk worksheet and life skill HHW tomorrow.
2. Bring model of teeth from science kit tomorrow.

Maths - Do remaining parts of Q2 of Ex 3.3 in PC.
Hindi -Revise counting and kaal
Note-1. Hindi worksheet has been uploaded .
Books - Eng , Evs and Test NB.

Maths - Do Q 1 of Ex 3.3 in book .
Ev.S -Read L-4
Hindi - Prepare kaal and L-4 for test .
Books - Eng , Hindi Gr and  EV.S

Eng. - Do A,C of L-3 given on Pg-30.
Hindi  - Revise L-1 and 3 for cl.test.
Books - Eng.C.B, Hindi Gr., Ev.S.
Note - Prepare 6 traffic signs. Bring a A-4 sized white sheet for activity tomorrow.

Hindi Gr. - Revise L-1,2 for revision tomorrow.
Ev.S. - Read L-4. Also paste Cycle Test 1 Paper in nbk.
Books - Eng., Hindi Gr., Ev.S., 
Note - Sports Quiz tomorrow. Prepare for it.

Ev.S. - Revise L- 1,2,3 & 5 for UT.Also do the revision given in test nbk.
Books - Eng C.B., Hindi Gr.
Note - Tomorrow is off 

Evs- Revise L1 and 3 for revision tomorrow.
Maths- Revise same as CW and do ex-3.2 Q1 in p.c
Note- See revision sheet on site.
Books- Maths, Hindi cb, test n.b

Ev.S. - Revise L-2  for revision tomorrow.
Hindi - Read poem given on pg 37 &  do back exercise.
Books - Art, Eng

Ev.S. - Revise L-5 for test tomorrow.
Eng. - Read L-3 & underline the difficult words.
Maths - Do  Q 3  in book and  remaining parts of Q 2,4in P.C  of Ex.-3.1 
Hindi Gr. - Do Q 1 given on pg 101 in Cr Nbk.
Books - English C.B, Hindi C.B
Note - Drawing Competition on Thursday. Theme- Indian Soldiers Prepare for it.

Ev.S. - Revise L 1and 5 for test.
Eng. - Read pg-27 of L-3.
Books - Eng c.b., Hindi Gr.,Ev.S.

Eng- Revise the syllabus for U.T. Also write a paragraph on importance of food in Cr NB.
Books- Maths, Evs, Hindi(gr)

Ev.S. - Read pgs 20,21.
Eng. Gr. - Revise literature for revision tomorrow
Books - Hindi Gr., Ev.S., G.K.,
Note - See English Revision Sheet on site.

Eng Gr - Revise Nouns for revision tomorrow.
Hindi Gr.-Do pg -50
Maths - Do Q 1  and 2given on pg 213 and 212 in book. 
Books - Test N.Book, Hindi and Evs

Eng.Gr. - Do pg -18
Ev.S. - Read L -4
Books - Maths, Hindi Gr., Ev.S.
 Bring Eng H.H.W

Ev.S -Revise C.W and do pg -14
Maths -Paste graph paper in notebook.
books -Ev.S,Eng .Gr.Maths

Ev.S. - Revise CW.
Hindi Gr. - Revise C.w.
Note -1. Bring 2 Graph Papers tomorrow.
2. Bring Ev.S. and Hindi .
3. See Unit Test 1 Syllabus on site.

Maths - Do b and c part of Q 1 of Ex. - 14.1 in PC.
Eng. Gr. - Do pgs .-11,12 and 18.
Hindi Gr.- Do pg 18
Books - Eng Gr., G.K., Hindi Gr., Story Book
Note - 1. Tomorrow is a working day.
2. Bring Digestive System Puzzle from Science Kit tomorrow.
3. Bring your mother's photograph tomorrow.
4. Cut the Article BPS Cleanliness Drive given on pg 2 of HT and paste it in English NBk

Maths - Revise C.W.
Evs- Read L- 2
Eng- Do the given work in notebook
Note - Bring icecrem sticks fevicol , decorative material and
 mother's phtograph for activity tomorrrow.
Books - Evs , Eng Gr. ,Hindi Gr. .

Maths- Do Q2,3,4 of Let"s race (pg 37)in PC
Ev.S.- Draw diagram  given on Pg-10 and read L-2
Books- Eng.Gr. Hindi Gr., Ev.S, Drawing

Maths - Do  Ex. - 2.3  remaining parts of Q2 in PC.
Hindi Gr. - Do pg 20.
Books - Hindi Gr., Maths, Ev.S. ,Computer

Ev.S.- Read L-2.
Eng. - Paste yours and your mother photograph in nbk.
Maths - Do Q 1of Ex. 2.3 and Q 1 of Let's Race (pg -37) in book.
Books - Eng., Ev.S., Hindi

Hindi - Do rachnatmak karya given in book( L-4).
Eng.- Do  pg 22 .
Books - Eng., Hindi, Comp


Maths - Do Q 1 (b,d part ) of Ex.2.2 in pc

Hindi - Read L-4 and learn New Words .

Books -Eng, Hindi, Drawing


Cur. Wr. - Do pgs 14,15

Eng. - Revise Q-Ans of  L- 1 and 2 for test on Tuesday.

Dew Drops - Read pg 10, do pg 12 and learn the prayer given on pg 17.

Books - Eng., Ev.S, Maths, Test Nbk



Eng. - Do Q B andC in book.(pg-20,21)
Maths - Do Q1 of Ex-2.1 in book
Books - G.K., Ev.S, Dew Drops, Maths PC,Comp.
Note - Non Fire Cooking Activity tomorrow. Bring material accordingly.

Eng. - Do the given sentences in notebook.
Ev.S. - Revise CW and draw/paste the pictures related to it in nbk.
Maths - Revise same as C.W.
Books - Eng., Hindi, Computer, Ev.S.

Eng. - do given paragraph pg 15 in book.
Ev.S. - read pg 23 and 24.
Maths - Do Q1,2,3,5 on pg 22 in P.C
Books - Eng., Hindi, Ev.S, Computer NBk.

Hindi - Do Rachnatmak Abhivyakti given on pg 28 in CR Nbk.
Ev.S. - Read L-5 and paste healthy food pictures in notebook.
Books - Eng C.B., Hindi C.B, Ev.S.

Maths - Do Q 3 of Ex. - 1.5 in PC.
Ev.S. - Read L-5.
Hindi - Do pgs 27,28
Books - Eng. Gr., Hindi, Ev.S.

Ev.S. - Revise L-1 for class test.
Cur. Wr. - Do pgs 7,8.
Hindi Gr. - Revise L-1.
Books - G.K., Dew Drops, Cur. Wr., Hindi Story Book (Rangmanch), Hindi Gr., PC, Test Nbk, Hindi Nbk, Art File and colours

Eng. Gr. - Read pg 9.
Hindi Gr. - Do pg 10 and 11.
Maths - Do Q 1of Ex. - 1.5 in PC.
Books - Hindi Gr., Ev.S, Drawing

Eng. Gr. - Read pg 8.
Ev.S. - Read L-3 and do pg 17.
Books - Eng. Gr., Hindi Gr., Ev.S., Computer
Note - 1.Bring Computer notebook tomorrow (New)
2. Bring Access Card tomorrow.

Maths - Do remaining parts of Q 3 and4 of Ex 1.4 in PC.
Hindi gr - Read pg 7 ,8 and 9.
Books - Hindi Gr and Ev.S.

Eng. Gr. - Read pg 8.
Maths - Do Q2 (remaining parts of Ex.- 1.4 in PC.
Ev.S. - Revise L-1
Books - Hindi Gr., Eng Gr.. 
Note - 1. Access Card has been given. Fill it and send it by Monday positively.
2. Tomorrow is off on account of Ambedkar Jayanti.

Eng gr - Do pg 7 .
Maths - Do Q 1 of Ex 1.4 in P.C
Books - Eng. Gr. , Hindi. Gr.

Eng Gr.- Do pg 6
Ev.S.- ReadL3 anddo back exercise. .
Hindi - Prepare for dictation (L-1).
Books - Eng Gr , Hindi Gr.Art

Eng. Gr. - Do pg 3.
Ev.S. - Read  L-3.
Maths - Do Q 4,5,6 of Ex. 1.3 in PC.
Books - Eng. Gr., Hindi ., Ev.S., 

Comp - Read pg 12 , 13 and 14.
Maths - Do remaining parts of Q 3,4 AND 5 of Ex 1.2 in PC. 
Books - Eng CB,Hindi and Ev.S.

Maths - Do remaining parts of Q 1 and 2 of Ex 1.2 in PC.
Books - Maths PC , Comp , story book and Dew drops,G.K.

Maths - Do Q 5,6 and 7 in book.
Ev.S. - Draw diagram given on pg1
Note - 1. Fill pages 3,4,5,6 & 16 of Almanac by tomorrow positively.
Books- hindi (story book ),Ev.S.,EngC.W

Eng- Read L-1.
Maths- Do Q-1 of excercise 1.1 in  practice notebook.
E.v.s - Read L-1 and paste the pictures of living and non-living things.
Books- Eng, Ev.S., cur.wr(eng)