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IV D Ms.Arunibha

Note - 1. See Revision Sheet 2 (All subjects) on site or ERP.

2.See Subject Wise Weightage on site or ERP.

3. 1/3/19 to 5/3/19 preparatory off.

4. During exams days the dispersal will be
10:15 a.m.-School Van Students
10:30 a.m.- Onfooters and Private Van Students
10:45 a.m.- School Bus Students

Hindi- Do the given worksheet in n.b
Maths- Practice full syllabus.
Evs- Revise full syllabus and practice diagrams and worksheet.

Eng- Learn Poem-II and tenses for test tom.
Maths- Complete fraction and time worksheet in c.w nb
Evs- Bring material of electric generator and solar system from science kit.
Books- Maths, Eng gr

G.k-Prepare for Exam tom.
Maths- Practice Ch-8
Evs- Revise L-12.
Books- Hindi gr, Eng gr, Evs

Eng- Prepare  Ch-10 and poem kite.
Hindi- Write a letter to your friend congratulating him for his brothers wedding in Cr n.b
Maths- Revise Ch- Money
Evs- Complete cl test in n.b
Books- Hindi gr, G.k Eng gr, Eng test copy

Maths- Revise ch-money.
Evs-Complete your cl. test. and revise l-10.
Computer – Revise Semester 2 syllabus.

Hindi- Revise Informal letter and complete class test.
Maths- Practice Ch-8 and complete class test.
G.k- Revise full syllabus.
EVS - Revise L-13 again.

Eng gr- Prepare Ch-10 and poem kites for test.
Hindi- Complete cl. test in n.b
Maths- Practice ch-8 for revision.
Evs- Revision of L-13.
G.K- Revise full syllabus for quiz.
Books- Eng test copy, g.k, Computer n.b

Revised Datesheet

6.3.19         Wednesday              Maths 

9.3.19        Saturday                   English 

12.3.19      Tuesday                    Evs 

15.3.19      Friday                       Hindi 

Eng- Prepare L-10 and poem kites for test on wednesday.
Hindi- Revise L-14.
Maths- Do pg 172 in book.
Evs-  Revise L-13
G.k- Revise L-8,9,14 and 15.
Books- Evs test n.b, Hindi cb, Eng gr, Maths, G.k

Eng cb- Revise L-8 and 9 for test on monday.
Hindi - Revise shabad vevak and aavya
Maths- Do ex 10.1and 10.2 in book.
EvS- Learn L-7 for test on monday.
Books-  Maths,  G.k, Evs
Note - PTM will be held  on Saturday ( 9-2-19) kindly come according to the given time slot
Roll no            Timings
1 to 10           8.00 to 8.30 a.m
11 to 20          8.30 to 9.15 a.m
21 to 30         9.15 to 10.15 a.m
30 onwards     10.15 to 11.00 a.m



6.3.19  - Maths 

9.3.19-   Eng 

12.3.19 - Evs 

20.3.19-  Hindi 

Note - PTM will be held  on Saturday ( 9-2-19)

Eng- Do pg 95 and 96.
Maths- Practice ch-13 for surprise test.
Hindi - Prepare L-12 for revision tomorrow.
Evs - Revise L- 9 for test tomorrow.
G.k- Revise L-50 and 54.
Books- G.k, Maths, Ev S, Eng gr

18 th feb - computer
20 th feb - Gk  

Eng- Practice story writing.
Hindi gr- Revise L-12 for test.
Maths- Do pg 167 and 168 in book.
EvS- Read L-22.
Books- Evs, G.k, Maths, Hindi test n.b
Note- Fill the particulars and submit positively by tom.

Evs- Do pg 93 in book. Also do activity given on pg 93.
Maths- Paste calendar and 24 hour clock in n.b as instructed.
Books- G.k, Ev.S, Maths, Eng gr, Hindi gr

Eng gr- Complete story writing and informal letter in book.
Hindi-Do Q4 of pg 97, 98 in book.
Maths- Bring maths p.c with solved worksheet.
Evs- Revise L-21.
Books- Evs, g.k, Eng gr, Hindi gr

Hindi-  Do Q2 on pg 96 in book.
Maths-  Do Q3 of ex 13.4 in p.nb
Evs- Revise c.w
Books- EvS, dew drops, Eng gr, Hindi gr

ENG - DO PG 85 AND 86

Eng Gr- Do pg 82 and 83.
Hindi Gr- Revise pg 72 and do Q1 and 2 given on pg 73.
Evs- Prepare L-9 for surprise revision. 
Maths- Practice Ch-13 for board revision.
Art- Bring an A3 size ivory sheet, apron, an old cloth, water colours, paint brushes-4,6,8,10.
Books- Eng gr, Hindi gr, Evs, dew drops

Hindi- Revise Bhinarthak shabad from book.
Evs- Revise L-20 for oral test and read L-21.
Maths- Do Ex 13.2 in book.
Comp- Complete your work.
Dew drops- Do pg 71 and 73 in book.
Books- Hindi gr, Dew drops, Evs, Maths

Eng- Describe India Gate in
 cr nb.
Maths- Do Ex-13.1 in book.
Evs- Read pg 89 and revise L-20.
G.k-Do L-32 and 34.
Books- Maths book and pc, g.k, Evs, Hindi gr

Eng- Complete book exercise of L-10.
Hindi gr- Read and learn pg 72.
Maths- Do remaining parts of Q1 and Q5  in p.nb
Evs- Do pg 88,89 in book.
Note-Make 10 circular clocks and paste in your n.b

Eng- Read L-10 and find out word meanings.
Hindi gr- Revise L-13 (1-10)
Maths- Do Q 1-4 of lets race in pnb.
Evs- Revise L-10 and read pg 86 and 87.
Books- Hindi gr, Eng cb, Evs, Dew drops

Eng- Read L-10.
Hindi- Learn L-13 idioms-1-10. 
Maths-Do remaining parts of Q 1,2 and 3 in p.nb
Evs- Revise L-9 for oral test tom.
Books- dew drops, Hindi gr, Eng cb

Eng gr- Do book exercise of past and future tense.
Hindi- Complete your c.w
Maths- Do remaining parts of Q 2,3 and 4 of ex 7.4 in p.nb
Evs- Draw a diagram of water cycle and zones of earth in n.b
Note- Bring Evs H.hw tom. And solve maths worksheet in p.nb
Books- Hindi gr, Eng cb , eng gr,  comp

Maths- Do Q1 of ex 7.3 in book and remaining parts of Q 2, 3 and 4 in p.nb
EvS- Revise L-10 and read pg 49 and 50.
Note- Bring trebuchet material from science kit. Also bring Evs winter holidays homework tom.

 Maths- Do remaining parts of Q 2,3 and 4 in p.nb
Eng-Do pg 74 to 76.
Hindi- Draw cover page of L-15
Evs-  Read pg 49 and 50 and do pg 41 in book.
Books- Evs, Eng cb, maths pc

Eng- Practice informal letter in Cr.
Hindi- Read L-16 and do back ex in cb
Maths-  Practice Ex 7.1 in p.nb
Evs- Bring day and night material from science kit.
Books-  Evs, Hindi cb , eng cb

Hindi -Do back ex. of L-briefcase
Evs- Revise L-13 for surprise revision.
Maths- Do Q1 and 2 of ex 7.1 in book
Books-  EVs, dew drops, hindi cb

Eng cb- Do pg-122.
Hindi- Read L-14 and draw cover page.
Maths- Paste the bill and bring p.nb Tom.
Evs- Read L-9 and draw cover page.
Books- Eng cb, Evs, Hindi cb, dew drops,

Eng- Read L-10
Hindi- Write story on pg 102 in cr n.b
Maths- Practice let's race in p.nb
Evs- Read L-9

Eng- Do back ex of L-9.
Maths- Do remaining parts of Q2 of ex 12.4 in p.nb
Evs- Revise same as c.w
Books-  Evs, Eng cb

Eng-  Read L-9
Hindi- Draw cover page of L-13  in nb
Maths- Practice ch- 12  for surprise revision.
Evs- Revise same as c.w and also paste different types of houses in n.b
Books-  Evs,  Eng gr, Hindi cb

Hindi- Do pg 93 in book.
Maths- Practice Ex-12.1 and 12.2 in p.c
EVs- Revise same as c.w
Books- Hindi cb, Eng gr, EVs, dew drops 

Eng-  Read pg 71.
Maths- Do remaining parts of Q1 and 2 of Ex 12.2 in p.nb
Evs- Read L-7.
Books- Eng gr, Evs, Dew drops
Note- Tomorrow is working.

Eng- Revise L-8 and poem kites.
Hindi gr- Do Q4 of pg 60.
Maths- Do remaining parts of Ex 12.1
Evs- Read L-7.
Books- Evs, D.D, Hindi gr, Eng gr

Hindi gr- Read pg 59 and do Q5 on pg 60 in book 
Evs- Revise L-13.
Maths- practice same as c.w
Books- Hindi gr, Evs, dew drops, comp
Note - Papers have been given. Kindly sign and send them tomorrow.

Eng cb- Do pg 110.
Maths-Make a card of currencies of different countries and paste it in n.b
Evs- Bring wind crane material from science kit.
Books- Eng gr, Evs, Dew drops

Eng- Do pg 105 and read poem kites.
Maths- Revise c.w and paste the pictures.
Evs- Read L-13 and do pg-63
Books- Dew drops, Evs, Eng cb, Hindi cb

Eng cb- Do pg-106.
Hindi- Revise same as c.w
Maths - Paste the pictures of the things measured in cm, m, l, ml, kg, g in nbk and revise CW.
Evs- Do pg-60 and revise L-12 from book.
Books- Dew drops, Evs, Hindi cb
Note- Bring 3 A4 size sheet, ribbon, fevicol,scissor, black sketch pen

Eng- Make a kite from origami and paste it in n.b
Hindi- Do pg 62 and 63.
Maths-  practice ch-8 for surprise revision.
Books- Evs, Activity book, Eng c.b ,Hindi gr
Note - Bring 6-7 pictures of Japanese Dolls (Kokeshi Dolls), Activity File, Fevicol on Friday. Also collect information about them such as...name and it is made up of ...

Eng gr- Do pg 70 and read ch-8 (cb)
Hindi cb- Do pg 88 in book.
Maths- Practice same ques as c.w
Evs- Bring a cut out of A4 size sheet and think of 5 ways by which we can conserve our resources.
Books- Hindi gr, Eng cb, dew drops, Evs

Hindi- Do pg 87 in book.
Maths- Solve U.T 2 in p.nb
Evs- Read L-12.
Books- Hindi cb, Eng gr, Evs, Dew drops

Maths- Prepare for U.T and solve revision sheet 2.
Eng- Do pg 69 and 70.
Books- Evs, Hindi cb, Eng gr


Eng. - Revise UT 2 syllabus.
Books - Eng. Gr., Ev.S.

Hindi - Revise UT 2 Syllabus and complete the revision sheet in n.book.

Eng- Do pg 90.
Hindi- Revise syllabus.
Maths- Revise Ch- 6 and 11.
Ev.S- Paste the questions paper in n.b and Bring Bridge making material from science kit.
Books- Dew drops, Hindi CB, EvS, Drawing file.

Maths- Practice ch-6.
Evs- Prepare for U.T and complete both the practice sheets in c.w nb
Books- Evs, Eng cb,

Eng- Learn L-6 and 7 and poem of cb
Maths- Do ex 8.1 and Q1 of ex 8.2 in book.
Evs- Prepare the U.T syllabus and complete remaining questions of the worksheet in n.b
Books- Evs, Eng cb, maths

Hindi- Do Q1 and 2 on 81 in book.
Maths- Practice ch-8
Evs- Revise L-11 for revision test
Books- Hindi gr, Evs, dew drops

Eng- Learn W.Meanings of L-7.
Hindi-Do the same application in Cr. nb
Maths-Practice same as c.w
Evs- Revise L-8 for test.
Books- Eng cb, Evs, Dew Drops,
Note-See Date sheet and syllabus of U.T2.

Maths- Practice Ch- 6 and 11.
Evs- Revise L-8 and 19.
Books- Dew drops, Eng cb, Hindi gr, Evs

Eng- Read L-101 Dalmations and learn word meanings and try to make sentences in rough n.b.
Hindi-Do Q2,3 of pg 29 in book also Make a poster on say no to crackers.
Maths- Read ch-8.
Evs- Revise c.w
Books-Dew drops, evs,hindi cb,eng cb
Note- The school will remain closed on Saturday i.e 3-11-18 on account of MUN Event in the school premises on large scale.

Eng- Read L-7 and learn word meanings.
Hindi- Read L-2. and paste the 'Green Crackers' article picture from newspaper in Hindi n.b
Maths- Practice Ch-6.
Evs- Revise L-8 For surprise revision
Books- Hindi cb, Evs, Dew drops

Eng- Read Read L-7.
Hindi-Write Word meanings in n.b
Maths- Practice Ch-6 for surprise revision.
Evs- Find Q.ans of L-11 and read L-11 For oral revision.
Books- Evs,DEw drops,Eng cb,Hindi cb, Comp

Eng-Worksheet of adverbs and description of a person has been uploaded. Kindly solve the worksheet of adverb and read desrcription of a person.
Hindi- Do pg 69.
Maths- Practice ch-11 for revision test.
Evs- Read L-11.
Books- Hindi cb, Evs, Eng gr, g.k

Note - Green Olympiad is on 31.10.18. Registered students will get their roll nos. tomorrow.

Eng gr-Do pg 52-54 and revise adverbs.
Hindi-Read L-5 of Rangmanch.
Maths- Practice L-11 in p.nb for revision test. Also bring p.nb
Evs- Do back exercise of L-11 and Revise L-19 for Revision test.
Books- Evs,Hindi gr,Eng gr, Dew drops

Eng- Read pg 53 and 54.
Maths-  Do Q1 of ex 11.2 in book.
Evs- Read L-11.
Books- Rangmanch ki kahaniyan, dew drops, Evs, maths, eng gr

Eng- Revise c.w and do pg 51 and 52.
Evs- Read pg 52 and 53.
Maths- practice ch-6 for surprise revision test.
Books- comp book and nb Dew drops, Evs, Eng gr

Eng- Revise c.w
Hindi- Do Q1,2,3 of pg 80 in book.
Maths- Practice Q1,2,3 of ex 11.1
Evs-Test of L-8 on thursday.
Books- Eng gr, Hindi cb, Dew drops, Evs

Eng- Do pg-50 of L-Adverbs.
Hindi- Read L-11.
Maths- Practice Ch-11.
Evs- Read L-8 for oral revision tom.
Books- Hindi cb, Eng gr, Evs, G.K

Maths - Prepare Ch- 6 for test .
Evs - Read L- 8
Hindi- Revise genders and numbers.
Books- dew drops,Evs, Eng gr, Hindi gr

Eng gr- Read l- Prepositions and do pg 81.
Hindi gr-Do Q3 and 4 of pg 55 in book.
Maths- Practice Ch-6 for surprise revision.
Evs- Read pg 39and 40 for oral revision.
Books-Evs, Eng gr,Hindi gr, Dew drops
Note- Bring your maths p.nb with complete work.

Eng- Learn poem lions and tigers.
Hindi- Do pg 29 in book.
Maths- Learn tables 2 `to 15.
Evs- Read L-8.
Books- Hindi gr, Dew drops Evs

Eng-Revise c.w
Hindi-Read pg 28.(yellow box)
Evs- Read L-19.
Maths- Do Q2 and 4 of lets race in p.nb
Books- Hindi gr,dew drops


Eng- Draw cover page of poem lions and tigers.
Hindi-Do pg 25 and 26 in book.
Evs- Revise L-19 from books for oral test tom.
Maths- Do Q1 and Q3 in p.nb and Q5 and MCQ of lets race in book.
Note- Bring all papers tom. with parents signature on all of them.
Books- Hindi gr, Eng cb, Evs, dew drops

Eng- Read poem Lion and tigers and learn word meanings.
Hindi-Read Pg 22, 23
Books- Hindi gr, Evs, Eng cb
Note- Hindi,Evs and maths papers have been given.

Eng- Do back ex of ;-6.
Hindi- Read L-4 of Rangmanch.
Maths- Find the factors of 28 and 32 in p.nb
Evs- Collect the things with national emblem on them and paste their pictures in n.b
Books- Dew drops, Hindi gr, Eng cb


Eng- Do the given ques in n.b and pg 72 and 73 in book.
Hindi- Do ques 3 of pg 75 in cr. N.b
Maths- Do Q 10 in p.n.b and Q13 in book.
EVS- Read L-19 and Do pg 85 in book.
Books- Dew drops, Evs, Rangmanch ki Kahaniyan, Eng cb


Eng- Learn w.meaning of L-6 and mark its Q/ans.
Evs- Make a collage on National symbols in n.b
Maths- Do Q3 and remaining parts of Q1 in p.nb
Books- Dew drops, Evs, rangmanch ki kahaniyan, Eng cb


Eng- Read L-6 and draw cover page.
Hindi- Draw cover page of L-10.
Maths- Learn tables 2 to 15.
Evs- Paste the cut out related to Gandhi Jayanti from newspaper in n.b
Books- Hindi cb, Evs 
Note- Bring 3-4 matchsticks for an activity tom.

Revise the syllabus.
Note - 1. Bring Almanac on Exam days.
2. Dispersal will be at 10:30. Onfooters will disperse at 10:45.
3. Monday will be preparatory leave.

Hindi-Revise syllabus and do correction work of test in n.b
Maths- Draw a circle of radius 3.5cm and 4.5cm in p.nb and do revision worksheet in c.w n.b. Also bring 1 A4 size sheet for maths activity.
Evs- Practice map and Do revision worksheet in c.w nb.
Note-BringH 1 physical ,1 political map of India.
Books- Evs, Hindi gr

Eng- Learn L-3,4,5 and poem Bumblebee for test tom.
Hindi- Do worksheet in cr. N.b
Maths- Revise L-14
Evs- Revise L-16
Books- Hindi gr, English gr, comp
Note- Bring a rectangular cut out for bookmark tom.

Hindi- Revise L-8 and adjectives also do correction work.
Maths- Revise L-4 and draw a circle of radius 4cm and 5cm in p.nb.
Evs- Revise L-16.
Books- G.k, Evs, Hindi gr
Note- G.K worksheet has been uploaded.

Eng gr- Prepare L-4 and 10 for revision.
Hindi- Revise pronoun for test.
Evs- paste both maps and revise L-4
Maths- Revise L-5 and Do pg 157 in book.
Books- Eng gr, Hindi gr, Drawing file

Eng Gr- Do pg 43 and prepare adjectives for revision test.
Hindi -Revise L-5 (Poem) for cl. test tom. 
Maths- Dop remaining paers of Q4 and 5 of ex-9.2 in p.nb
Books- Dew drops, Eng, Maths
Note- In Hindi Advertisement Writing (Vigayapan Lekhan) will come in Semester - 1 instead of Paragraph Writing

Eng gr- Do pg 36 and 37.
Hindi- Revise same as c.w
Maths- Practice Practice L-5.
Evs- Revise L-6 for oral test tom.
Books- Eng gr, Hindi gr, Evs, Maths pc

Eng gr- Do pg 36 and 37.
Hindi- Revise same as c.w
Maths- Practice Practice L-5.
Evs- Revise L-6 for oral test tom.
Books- Eng gr, Hindi gr, Evs, Maths pc 

Eng gr- Do pg 35.
Hindi gr- Do Q1 and 2 of pg 40 in book.
Evs- Read L-18.
Maths- Practice L-5.
Books- Eng gr, Hindi gr, Evs, G.k, Dew drops
Note- Tom. is holiday. 

Eng Gr- Read pg-33 and do pg 34.
Hindi Gr- Do Q3 given on pg 107.
Maths- Practice Ch-5 for surprise revision test.
Evs- Read pg 76 and bring 1 physical and 1 political map of India.
Comp- Learn ch-7.
Note- 1.There will be regular school from 17.9.18 to 22.9.18

Evs- Read L-18 for oral test tomorrow.
Maths- Learn tables 2 to 20
Books- Hindi Gr, Evs, Computer, Dew Drops

Eng- practice L-5& 6 for test tom.
Hindi- Complete your c.w
Evs- Revise L-14&15 for test tom.
Maths- Do remaining parts of Ex- 5.7 in p.nb
Note- Bring 1 A4 sixe sheet for maths activity.
Books- Comp, Evs, Evs, Hindi gr

Eng gr- Do pg 45 and 46.
Hindi gr- Do pg 46 and 47 in book.
Evs- Revise L-14 and 15 and do pg 81 in book.
Books- Evs, Maths, Dew drops, Eng gr, Hindi gr.

Eng- Do the verb quiz in n.b
Hindi gr.- Read L-7.
Maths- Do remaining parts of Ex-5.6 in p.nb
Evs- Revise c.w
Books- Hindi, Eng gr, E.vs, Art file, drawing file.

Eng cb- Do pg 64 and 65.
Hindi- Do pg-67 in book.
Maths- Do remaining parts of Q2 of ex-5.4 and Q1 (g-l) parts of Q1 of ex 5.5 in book.
Books-Eng cb, Hindi gr, Evs, drawing file, art file.

Eng- Draw cover page of L-5 in n.b
Hindi- Read L-9 (poem).
Maths- Do remaining parts of Q2 of ex-5.3 and Q1 of ex- 5.4
Evs- Read pg-78
Books- Eng cb, Hindi cb, Evs, comp

Eng- Make the sentences and draw the cover page of L-5.
Hindi-Revise c.w
Maths- Do remaining parts of Q1 and 2 of ex-5.2 and Q1-d,e,f,g parts of ex-5.3 in p.nb
Evs- Revise c.w
Books- Eng cb,Hindi cb, Evs

Eng- Do pg 57 and make cover page of L-5 in n.b.
Hindi- Read L-3 of Rangmanch.
Maths- Do remaining parts of Q.2 and Q.3 of ex-5.1 in p.nb
Evs-Do pg 75 in book.
Books- G.K, Ev.s, Eng cb, Hindi cb

Eng- Read L-5.
Hindi CB- Do letter on pg-62 in book.
Maths- Do remaining parts of Q1 and (b,c,d) parts of Q2 in p.nb
Books- Rangmanch ki kahaniyan, Eng cb,E.v.s

E.v.s- Find out the names of last 5 prime ministers and president.
Comp- Learn Ch-9 and 6 for test on 30/8/18
Note- Bring Material for art activity.
Books- Evs, Hindi cb, Eng gr

Eng gr- Do pg 62 and 63.
Hindi - Read L-8. Also draw and color the cover page in n.b.
Maths- Do remaining parts of Q3 of ex 4.4 in p.n.b.
Books- Eng gr, Hindi cb, Evs, comp.
Note - 1. See Semester -1 Syllabus on Site.
2. Thali Decoration Activity on Thursday. Bring a small  sized thermocol plate, red printed paper, Swastik, fevicol and decorative material for it.

Eng gr- Do pg 62 & 63.
Maths- Do Q1(g,h) parts of ex 4.4 in p.n.b
Evs- Read Pg 72 & 73.
G.k- Do ch- 20 & 21 in book.
Books- Eng gr, Evs, Hindi gr

Eng- Read the poem and do pg-56.
E.v.s- Revise c.w
Dew drops- Do pg 26 and 27.
Books- Eng mcb, Hindi gr, Dew drops, Evs

Hindi- write a paragraph on topic- Independence day in cr. nb
Evs- Revise L-14 for revision test.
Books- Eng cb, Hindi gr, Evs, comp.

Eng cb- Read poem 'sick' and find out meanings.
Hindi Gr- Do Q2 on pg 34 in book.
Maths- Do remaining parts of Q3 and Q4 in p.n.b
Evs- Read pg 69 and 70.
Books- Hindi gr, Eng cb, Evs

Hindi- Do Q-3(pg-93) Letter writing in CR n.b
Evs- Do back exercise of L-15.
Books- Hindi(gr), Evs, G.k
Note - Cycle Test Papers 1 have been given. Sign them and send them back by Monday positively.

Eng- Revise L-4.
Hindi- Do Q4 OF PG 93 in book.
Evs- Read L-15.
Books- Eng cb, Evs Maths p.c
Note- Bring toilet paper, white poster color, (orange,white and green) a4 size sheet, inside material for activity tom.

Eng- Do book exercise of L-4.
Hindi- Paste any advertisement in n.b and do the given question.
Maths- Do remaining questions of  Q2 of ex 4.3 in p.n.b
Books- Eng cb, hindi gr, evs, comp
Note - Poster making activity tomorrow. Topic - Disaster Management . Bring A3 size sheet and material according to it.

Maths-Do remaining parts of Q1 of ex-4.3 in p.n.b
Evs- Read pg 68 and 69
Books- comp-book and n.b, Evs, Eng gr, Hindi cb

Hindi - Do Q- B and C given on pg 54 and 55.
Books - Hindi CB , Eng CB and Evs 

Eng cb- Read L-4 and make a poster in n.b
Hindi (Rangmanch)- Read L-2.
Evs- Revise c.w
Books- G.k, Evs, Eng(cb), Hindi(cb)

Eng- Cut and paste an article from the newspaper and underline the articles (a,an,the).
Maths- Do Q1(a to f) and Q2(a to f) in p.n.b and Learn tables 2 to 20.
Books- Eng(cb), evs, drawing file 
Note - Bring a A4 size colored sheet, Colored pens, decoration material for Card Making Activity tomorrow.

Maths- Do remaining parts of Q2 of Ex- 4.1 in p.nb
Evs- Read L-14.
Books- Evs,dew drops, Hindi cb

Hindi- Read L-7.
Maths- Do remaining parts of Q1 of Ex-4.1 in p.n.b
Evs- Revise L-6
Books- Eng(gr), Hindi(cb), Evs, comp.

Eng gr.- Do pg 29.
Hindi- Draw cover page of L-7
Evs- Revise L-6 for oral test tom.
Books- Comp, Maths, Eng(gr), Hindi (cb) 

Eng gr.- Do Pg 26 and 28 in book.
Hindi- Read pg 49-51.
Evs- Paste Fabrics and revise c.w
Books- Eng(gr), Evs, Hindi

Maths- Do remaining parts of Q1,2 and 3 in p.n.b and prepare for U.T
Books- Evs, Hindi cb, Eng gr, g.k
           Time Slot
Working parents                      8:00am to 9:00am
Roll no. 1-10                             8:30am to 9:45am
Roll no.11-20                            9:45am to 10:30am        
Roll no.21-30                            10:30am to 11:15am
Roll no.31-45                            11:15am to 12:00pm
You all are requested to adhere to the given time slots to meet the class-teacher for the healthy discussion and smooth functioning.

Eng- Do pg 22, 23 in book.
Maths- Do remaining parts of Q2 of ex-3.4 in p n.b
Books- Eng(gr), Evs, comp (book and n.b)

Eng gr- Do pg 21.
Hindi- Complete pg 40,41.
Maths- Do Remaining parts of Q1 of Ex 3.4 in p.nb and Revise Ch-1.
Books- Eng gr,Evs, Test n.b(maths)

Hindi- Read L-6.
Maths- Do Q1(b to f) of ex-3.4 in p.n.b
Evs- Read L-6.
Books- Evs, Eng, Hindi cb

Hindi - UT on Monday. Prepare for it.
Books- G.k, Evs, Maths, eng,

Eng-Find out Q/Ans on Pg 38.
Maths- Do Q1 of Ex-3.3 in book.
Evs- Bring Model of teeth tom.(science kit). 
Books- Maths, Eng, hindi, drawing file
Note- Bring life skill HHW and Gk worksheets.

Eng- Learn poem on pg 37 and do Q/ans.
Hindi- Revise counting for class test tom.
Evs- Revise L-4
Maths- Revise Ch-14.
Books-Hindi(gr), Eng, Evs, Dew drops.
Note- Hindi worksheet has been uploaded on school site.

Eng-Prepare pg 35 for tom.
Hindi- Revise L-4,tenses and counting.
Maths- Do Q3(d) in n.b
Books- Eng, Evs, Maths, Comp

Eng- Prepare L-3 for dictation tom.
Hindi- Revise L-1 and 3 for test.
Evs- Do pg 22 in book.
Books- Evs, ,Maths, comp(book and n.b)
Note-1.Bring 2 passport size photograph.
2.Prepare any 6 traffic sign for activity tom. Bring A4 size sheet for it. 

Eng CB- Do pg 33 and 34.
Evs- Bring material told for first aid kit activity. and paste U.T question paper in n.b
Hindi(gr)- Revise L-1 and 2 
Books- Hindi(gr), Eng(cb),  Evs(book and nb), P.nb
Note- Sports quiz tom. Prepare for it.

Eng- Do pgs. 30 to 32 in book.
Evs- Prepare for U.T
Note- 1.Tomorrow is off on account of second Saturday.
2. Bring all H.hw worksheet on Monday.
Books- Maths, Evs, Eng(cb), practice nb

Evs- Revise L-2 and 5 for revision tomorrow.
Eng- Find out and mark Q/Ans in book of L3.
Note- See Evs revision sheet on site.
Books-  Evs, Eng, hindi, Art and drawing file

Evs- Revise L- 1 and 3 for revision tomorrow.
Eng - revise CW
Hindi - Learn poem 5 and draw cover page .
Books - Eng ,Hindi , comp book and NB , Maths 

Eng- Make a web chart of Buzz in n.b
Hindi- Do Q3 (unseen passage) on pg 105 in book. 
Maths- Do remaining parts of Q3 in book and Q4 in n.b
Evs- Revise L-1 for oral test tom.
Books- Hindi(gr), hindi(CB), comp, evs
Note- Practice for drawing competition on Thursday. (Topic- soldier)

Eng- Paste the question paper in book.
Hindi(gr)-Do Q1 of pg 101 in book
Maths.-Do Q2(d,e,f) of Ex-3.1 in p.n.b
Evs- Revise L-1 for oral test.
Books- Hindi(gr), Evs, Maths, Eng
Note- Arrange your bags according to time table.

Eng-Revise the syllabus for U.t and Write a new paragraph on Importance of food in C.R and do pg 94& 95 in gr.
Books- Hindi(gr), maths, Evs

Eng(gr)- Revise grammar for revision tomorrow.
Evs- Read Pgs-18,19
Hindi(gr)- Do pg 52 Q.6 in book.
Note- 1) Bring Maths and Hindi hhw.
2) See Eng revision sheet on school site.
Books- Hindi(gr), Maths, Evs, Dew drops

Eng- Prepare L-1,2& poem for test tom.
Maths- Do pg 213 in book.
Evs- Revise c.w
Books- Hindi(gr), Evs, drawing file, maths

Eng(gr)- Do pages 16 to 18
Hindi(gr)- Do Q-1and 2 (Pg-50) in book.
Evs- Revise ch-2 for oral test.
Maths- paste the graph done in your n.b
Books- Eng(gr), Hindi(gr), Maths, EVS, comp(book and n.b) 

Maths- Bring 2 graph paper tom.
Evs- Revise C.w
Note- Bring clay and cardboard for clay modelling activity.
Book- Computer, computer(n.b), Evs, Maths, Hindi(gr), Eng(gr)

Maths- Do Q1(b) in p.n.b
E.V.S-  Revise L-2
Books- Eng, Hindi, EVS
Note- 1.) Bring Evs HHW tom.
2.) See syllabus and datesheet on site.

Eng. Gr. - Read Q D given on pg 13.
Ev.S. - Do pg 13 in book.
Maths - Read & do pgs 205,206.
Books - Ev.S., Eng. Gr. & Dew Drops
Note - Bring 7-8 ice cream sticks,colored sheet, pens, fevicol, glitter sheet flowers, half meter ribbon for activity tomorrow.
Eng. Gr. - Read pg 11 and do pg 12.
Maths - Do Q 1 given on pg 37 in book.
Ev.S. - Draw or paste the diagram in the nbk.
Hindi Gr.- Revise Nouns for test tomorrow.
Books - Eng. Gr., Ev.S., Cur. Wr., Hindi Gr, Hindi Story Book

Dew Drops - Do pgs 4, 5.
Maths - Do Q 1 of Ex. - 2.3 in book & remaining parts of Q2 in PC.
Eng. - Revise CW.
Hindi - Read L-5.
Books - Eng., Maths, Ev.S. Hindi Story Book & Test Nbk

Eng. -Revise Cw.
Maths - Do the remaining parts of Q 3 of Ex. 2.2 in PC.
Ev.S. - Read L-2.
Hindi - Revise L-3 for test tomorrow.
Books - Eng., Ev.S., Dew Drops

Maths - Do practice of Unit-1 for test.
Eng. - Read Poem given on pg 24. Revise CW and paste your and your mother's photograph in Nbk.
Hindi - Revise L-1 for test on Monday
Books - Eng., Dew Drops & Ev.S.

Hindi Gr. - Do pgs 18,19.
Eng. - Do pg 22.
Cur. Wr.- Do pg 9.
Books - Eng., Hindi Gr., Dew Drops  and Cur. Wr.

Hindi Gr. - Complete pages 18,19.
Ev.S.. - Revise L-1 for test tomorrow.
Maths - Do b and d part of Q 1 of Ex.- 2.2 in PC.
Books - Eng., Hindi Gr., Cur. Wr. and Test Notebbok

Eng. - Do Q B and C given on pages 20 and 21.
Ev.S. - Revise L-1 for test tomorrow.
Hindi - Revise CW.
Books - Eng., Ev.S., Hindi Gr.

Eng. - Read L-2 for dictation on Tuesday.
Ev.S. - Revise L-1 for test on Wednesday.
G.K. - Do L-20 in book.
Hindi Gr. - Read L-2.
Books - Eng., Hindi Gr., Ev.S.
Note - Monday is off on account of Buddha Purnima

Eng. - Read L-2 for dictation.
Ev.S. - Revise CW and do back exercises of L-5.
Maths - DO remaining parts of Q 1,2,3 of Ex. - 2.1 in book.
Hindi - Do pgs 34,35 in book.
Books - G.K., Hindi Story Book, Dew Drops, Cursive Writing, Computer book and notebook.
Note - Non Fire Cooking Activity tomorrow. Bring material accordingly.

Maths - Revise CW.
Eng. - Read L-2 and prepare its cover page.
Books - Eng., Maths, Ev.S.

Eng. - Revise Sentences and read poem - 1.
Maths - Do remaining parts of Q 3 and Q 5 of Ex. - 1.5 in PC.
Ev.S. - Read L-5 and Revise CW.
Hindi - Read L-4 and do pgs 34.35.
Books - Eng., Hindi, Ev.S. 

Ev.S- Identify other cereals you eat
Hindi- Read L-5
Maths- Do practice C.W.
Books- Ev.S, Hindi 

Maths- Practice C.W
Hindi gr.- Prepare ch-1 for test on Monday
Ev.S- Read ch-5
Books- Ev.S, Eng.Gr, 

Maths- Revise C.W.
Eng. gr.- Read pg.-9
Hindi- Do the work given in notebook.
Ev.S- learn Q/A.
Books- Ev.S, ENG.(GR)

Eng- Revise C.W
Maths- Do remaining parts of Q2 of Ex-1.4 in P.C.
Ev.S- Draw or paste pictures of all sense organs in N.B.
Hindi- Read L-3 and draw a rose in N.B.
Books- Hindi (MCB), English (GR), Ev.S.

Eng- Read pg-8.
Maths- Do remaining parts of Q1 of ex-1.4 in P.C.
E.V.S- Read L-3.
Books- Eng(gr), E.v.s

Eng- Revise C.w.
Evs- Read L-3.
Books- Eng(gr), Hindi(gr), Evs
Note-1. Access card has been given. Fill it and send it by Monday positively.
2. Tomorrow is off on account of Ambedkar Jayanti.

Eng(gr)- Do pg-7 in book.
Hindi(gr)- Do pg-11,12 in book.
Books- Hindi(gr), Eng(gr), Evs, Drawing file.
Note- 1. Bring p.n.b of maths tom.
2. Bring Acrylic or poster colours, colour plate, glass,waste cloth,flat brush(Number-2 and4)

Ev.S. - Read L-3.
Hindi Gr. - Read pgs 7 and 8.
Eng. Gr. - Do pg 2.
Books - Eng. Gr., Hindi Gr., Ev.S. and Computer

Hindi(gr)- Do pg-7 in book.
Maths- Do Q1,3 in book and remaining parts of Q.4,5 and 6 in p.n.b
Dew drops- Do pg-4 in book.
Note- Complete your almanac pages 3,4,5,6 and 16 
Books-Eng(gr.), Hindi(gr), Evs and cur.writing.

Hindi- Do pg-11,12 in book and learn it.
G.k- Do pg-4 in book.
Cur.wr. - Do pg-8.
Books- Evs, Maths, Eng, Hindi

Maths - Do Q 3,4 and 5 of Ex. 1.2 in PC.
Ev.S. - Revise CW and read pg 7.
Eng. - Learn Q/Ans of L-1.
Books - G.k., Cur., Wr, Dew Drops
Note- Fill pages 3,4,5,6 and 16 of Almanac.

Eng- Read L-1
Maths- Do Q-8 in practice n.b and complete exercise1.1 in book.
E.v.s- Read L-1.
Computer- Read L-2 Input device (Keyboard and and mouse) 
Books- Eng(cb), Hindi(cb) e.v.s ,art file and drawing file.

Eng- Read L-1.
Maths- Do Q-2,3 and 8 of excercise in book and Q2(D,E) AND Q3(D,E,F) in practice notebook.
E.v.s - Read L-1.
Note- fill pages 3,4,5,6 and 16 of almanac.
Books- Eng, Hindi, Evs, cur.wr(eng)