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IV D Ms.Arunibha

Hindi - UT on Monday. Prepare for it.
Books- G.k, Evs, Maths, eng,

Eng-Find out Q/Ans on Pg 38.
Maths- Do Q1 of Ex-3.3 in book.
Evs- Bring Model of teeth tom.(science kit). 
Books- Maths, Eng, hindi, drawing file
Note- Bring life skill HHW and Gk worksheets.

Eng- Learn poem on pg 37 and do Q/ans.
Hindi- Revise counting for class test tom.
Evs- Revise L-4
Maths- Revise Ch-14.
Books-Hindi(gr), Eng, Evs, Dew drops.
Note- Hindi worksheet has been uploaded on school site.

Eng-Prepare pg 35 for tom.
Hindi- Revise L-4,tenses and counting.
Maths- Do Q3(d) in n.b
Books- Eng, Evs, Maths, Comp

Eng- Prepare L-3 for dictation tom.
Hindi- Revise L-1 and 3 for test.
Evs- Do pg 22 in book.
Books- Evs, ,Maths, comp(book and n.b)
Note-1.Bring 2 passport size photograph.
2.Prepare any 6 traffic sign for activity tom. Bring A4 size sheet for it. 

Eng CB- Do pg 33 and 34.
Evs- Bring material told for first aid kit activity. and paste U.T question paper in n.b
Hindi(gr)- Revise L-1 and 2 
Books- Hindi(gr), Eng(cb),  Evs(book and nb), P.nb
Note- Sports quiz tom. Prepare for it.

Eng- Do pgs. 30 to 32 in book.
Evs- Prepare for U.T
Note- 1.Tomorrow is off on account of second Saturday.
2. Bring all H.hw worksheet on Monday.
Books- Maths, Evs, Eng(cb), practice nb

Evs- Revise L-2 and 5 for revision tomorrow.
Eng- Find out and mark Q/Ans in book of L3.
Note- See Evs revision sheet on site.
Books-  Evs, Eng, hindi, Art and drawing file

Evs- Revise L- 1 and 3 for revision tomorrow.
Eng - revise CW
Hindi - Learn poem 5 and draw cover page .
Books - Eng ,Hindi , comp book and NB , Maths 

Eng- Make a web chart of Buzz in n.b
Hindi- Do Q3 (unseen passage) on pg 105 in book. 
Maths- Do remaining parts of Q3 in book and Q4 in n.b
Evs- Revise L-1 for oral test tom.
Books- Hindi(gr), hindi(CB), comp, evs
Note- Practice for drawing competition on Thursday. (Topic- soldier)

Eng- Paste the question paper in book.
Hindi(gr)-Do Q1 of pg 101 in book
Maths.-Do Q2(d,e,f) of Ex-3.1 in p.n.b
Evs- Revise L-1 for oral test.
Books- Hindi(gr), Evs, Maths, Eng
Note- Arrange your bags according to time table.

Eng-Revise the syllabus for U.t and Write a new paragraph on Importance of food in C.R and do pg 94& 95 in gr.
Books- Hindi(gr), maths, Evs

Eng(gr)- Revise grammar for revision tomorrow.
Evs- Read Pgs-18,19
Hindi(gr)- Do pg 52 Q.6 in book.
Note- 1) Bring Maths and Hindi hhw.
2) See Eng revision sheet on school site.
Books- Hindi(gr), Maths, Evs, Dew drops

Eng- Prepare L-1,2& poem for test tom.
Maths- Do pg 213 in book.
Evs- Revise c.w
Books- Hindi(gr), Evs, drawing file, maths

Eng(gr)- Do pages 16 to 18
Hindi(gr)- Do Q-1and 2 (Pg-50) in book.
Evs- Revise ch-2 for oral test.
Maths- paste the graph done in your n.b
Books- Eng(gr), Hindi(gr), Maths, EVS, comp(book and n.b) 

Maths- Bring 2 graph paper tom.
Evs- Revise C.w
Note- Bring clay and cardboard for clay modelling activity.
Book- Computer, computer(n.b), Evs, Maths, Hindi(gr), Eng(gr)

Maths- Do Q1(b) in p.n.b
E.V.S-  Revise L-2
Books- Eng, Hindi, EVS
Note- 1.) Bring Evs HHW tom.
2.) See syllabus and datesheet on site.

Eng. Gr. - Read Q D given on pg 13.
Ev.S. - Do pg 13 in book.
Maths - Read & do pgs 205,206.
Books - Ev.S., Eng. Gr. & Dew Drops
Note - Bring 7-8 ice cream sticks,colored sheet, pens, fevicol, glitter sheet flowers, half meter ribbon for activity tomorrow.
Eng. Gr. - Read pg 11 and do pg 12.
Maths - Do Q 1 given on pg 37 in book.
Ev.S. - Draw or paste the diagram in the nbk.
Hindi Gr.- Revise Nouns for test tomorrow.
Books - Eng. Gr., Ev.S., Cur. Wr., Hindi Gr, Hindi Story Book

Dew Drops - Do pgs 4, 5.
Maths - Do Q 1 of Ex. - 2.3 in book & remaining parts of Q2 in PC.
Eng. - Revise CW.
Hindi - Read L-5.
Books - Eng., Maths, Ev.S. Hindi Story Book & Test Nbk

Eng. -Revise Cw.
Maths - Do the remaining parts of Q 3 of Ex. 2.2 in PC.
Ev.S. - Read L-2.
Hindi - Revise L-3 for test tomorrow.
Books - Eng., Ev.S., Dew Drops

Maths - Do practice of Unit-1 for test.
Eng. - Read Poem given on pg 24. Revise CW and paste your and your mother's photograph in Nbk.
Hindi - Revise L-1 for test on Monday
Books - Eng., Dew Drops & Ev.S.

Hindi Gr. - Do pgs 18,19.
Eng. - Do pg 22.
Cur. Wr.- Do pg 9.
Books - Eng., Hindi Gr., Dew Drops  and Cur. Wr.

Hindi Gr. - Complete pages 18,19.
Ev.S.. - Revise L-1 for test tomorrow.
Maths - Do b and d part of Q 1 of Ex.- 2.2 in PC.
Books - Eng., Hindi Gr., Cur. Wr. and Test Notebbok

Eng. - Do Q B and C given on pages 20 and 21.
Ev.S. - Revise L-1 for test tomorrow.
Hindi - Revise CW.
Books - Eng., Ev.S., Hindi Gr.

Eng. - Read L-2 for dictation on Tuesday.
Ev.S. - Revise L-1 for test on Wednesday.
G.K. - Do L-20 in book.
Hindi Gr. - Read L-2.
Books - Eng., Hindi Gr., Ev.S.
Note - Monday is off on account of Buddha Purnima

Eng. - Read L-2 for dictation.
Ev.S. - Revise CW and do back exercises of L-5.
Maths - DO remaining parts of Q 1,2,3 of Ex. - 2.1 in book.
Hindi - Do pgs 34,35 in book.
Books - G.K., Hindi Story Book, Dew Drops, Cursive Writing, Computer book and notebook.
Note - Non Fire Cooking Activity tomorrow. Bring material accordingly.

Maths - Revise CW.
Eng. - Read L-2 and prepare its cover page.
Books - Eng., Maths, Ev.S.

Eng. - Revise Sentences and read poem - 1.
Maths - Do remaining parts of Q 3 and Q 5 of Ex. - 1.5 in PC.
Ev.S. - Read L-5 and Revise CW.
Hindi - Read L-4 and do pgs 34.35.
Books - Eng., Hindi, Ev.S. 

Ev.S- Identify other cereals you eat
Hindi- Read L-5
Maths- Do practice C.W.
Books- Ev.S, Hindi 

Maths- Practice C.W
Hindi gr.- Prepare ch-1 for test on Monday
Ev.S- Read ch-5
Books- Ev.S, Eng.Gr, 

Maths- Revise C.W.
Eng. gr.- Read pg.-9
Hindi- Do the work given in notebook.
Ev.S- learn Q/A.
Books- Ev.S, ENG.(GR)

Eng- Revise C.W
Maths- Do remaining parts of Q2 of Ex-1.4 in P.C.
Ev.S- Draw or paste pictures of all sense organs in N.B.
Hindi- Read L-3 and draw a rose in N.B.
Books- Hindi (MCB), English (GR), Ev.S.

Eng- Read pg-8.
Maths- Do remaining parts of Q1 of ex-1.4 in P.C.
E.V.S- Read L-3.
Books- Eng(gr), E.v.s

Eng- Revise C.w.
Evs- Read L-3.
Books- Eng(gr), Hindi(gr), Evs
Note-1. Access card has been given. Fill it and send it by Monday positively.
2. Tomorrow is off on account of Ambedkar Jayanti.

Eng(gr)- Do pg-7 in book.
Hindi(gr)- Do pg-11,12 in book.
Books- Hindi(gr), Eng(gr), Evs, Drawing file.
Note- 1. Bring p.n.b of maths tom.
2. Bring Acrylic or poster colours, colour plate, glass,waste cloth,flat brush(Number-2 and4)

Ev.S. - Read L-3.
Hindi Gr. - Read pgs 7 and 8.
Eng. Gr. - Do pg 2.
Books - Eng. Gr., Hindi Gr., Ev.S. and Computer

Hindi(gr)- Do pg-7 in book.
Maths- Do Q1,3 in book and remaining parts of Q.4,5 and 6 in p.n.b
Dew drops- Do pg-4 in book.
Note- Complete your almanac pages 3,4,5,6 and 16 
Books-Eng(gr.), Hindi(gr), Evs and cur.writing.

Hindi- Do pg-11,12 in book and learn it.
G.k- Do pg-4 in book.
Cur.wr. - Do pg-8.
Books- Evs, Maths, Eng, Hindi

Maths - Do Q 3,4 and 5 of Ex. 1.2 in PC.
Ev.S. - Revise CW and read pg 7.
Eng. - Learn Q/Ans of L-1.
Books - G.k., Cur., Wr, Dew Drops
Note- Fill pages 3,4,5,6 and 16 of Almanac.

Eng- Read L-1
Maths- Do Q-8 in practice n.b and complete exercise1.1 in book.
E.v.s- Read L-1.
Computer- Read L-2 Input device (Keyboard and and mouse) 
Books- Eng(cb), Hindi(cb) e.v.s ,art file and drawing file.

Eng- Read L-1.
Maths- Do Q-2,3 and 8 of excercise in book and Q2(D,E) AND Q3(D,E,F) in practice notebook.
E.v.s - Read L-1.
Note- fill pages 3,4,5,6 and 16 of almanac.
Books- Eng, Hindi, Evs, cur.wr(eng)